Procedure at a glance

  • 1 Read the advertisement notification carefully.
  • 2 Register a user account at this portal. Activate it using the verification link you receive at your email. Use this email address after activation to login and fill the form.
  • 3 To start filling the form, click on 'Details' button against the advertisement number.
  • 4 Keep all the supporting documents related to your qualifications and claims relevant to the application ready.
  • 5(For faculty applications only) Contact three persons familiar with your academic credential to submit recommendations for you.
  • 6 Fill all the sections in the form carefully. Save (without validating, if needed) it at every stage.
  • 7(For faculty applications only)Remember to mark your journal publications as Best 3 or Best 10 or Best 15 as the case may be.
  • 8 Validate the form. If there are any errors, rectify it.
  • 9 There might be form pages where you do not want to enter anything in the optional fields. But you should still validate it to complete the submission.
  • 10 Upload all the required files.
  • 11 Check if there are any incomplete sections/ sections remaining to validate.
  • 12 Generate the PDF application form. Read it carefully to see if there are any omissions or mistakes. If you are not satisifed with the PDF form, visit the application form pages, edit the information entered, validate and save again, and generate a new PDF. Any number of times the editing and generating PDF can be done.
  • 13 If (and only if) you are satisfied with the PDF form generated, complete the online submission by freezing it (from the page for checking incomplete sections) thereby initiating sending emails to referees.
  • 14 You cannot edit the form once you freeze the application form.
  • 15(For faculty applications only) We will send an automated email to your referees. Please contact them, and remind them to use the link in the email they receive to submit the recommendation for you in time.
  • 16(For faculty applications only) Once the referee submits his recommendation, you should get automated email from us informing this.
  • 17 Take a printout of the final PDF form. The same photograph you have uploaded should be pasted on the application form on the top of the printed photgraph appearing on the first page of the form. Photograph printed on the application form is not sufficient.
  • 18 Post the printed and signed form with all necessary documents to the address mentioned in the advertisement. Note that you should self attest the documents whenever applicable. Even though you get a copy of the certificates you upload along with the PDF application form generated, you should self attest again the printouts.
  • 19 For each post, you need to submit seperate application. But same email address can be used to login to prepare the form.
  • 20 Once you submit a form by freezing it, the next application (if you want to submit, to another post) can be prefilled with the data from the previous application. But once you start a new application, you cannot opt for prefilling the form using the previously submitted data.
  • 21 Keep visiting this page, the institute website, and your email for any updated instructions.

Advertisement No. Main Campus/Faculty Recruitment/125 Date: 13/04/2022. See the notification here.